The most luxurious travel experiences around the world

Some people enjoy camping in the summer, others hiking in the winter in the winter, others visiting Disneyland for family and the like, and some enjoy the luxurious trips and vacations no matter what the season.

Here are some of the most luxurious travel experiences that those with deep pockets can afford:

1) North Pole Expedition

A woman traveling on the Russian nuclear icebreaker Yamal holds a sign marking the North Pole.

Such an adventure costs $ 31,000, which takes 14 days for the Ice Age 50 Years of Victory breaker. Departure from Russia, and reach the North Pole on day 7. Along the way you can see polar bears, walruses and glaciers. The price includes ice walks and helicopter rides.

2) Beautiful mountains in China

The Wulingyuan mountains, Zhangye Danxia rocks and Jiuzhaigou glacier lakes are known for offering some of the most beautiful sights in the world. You can visit them all on an 11-day $ 123 800 per person trip, including a private jet to remote locations.

3) Underwater room in Zanzibar

In the Manta resort of Pemba Island in Zanzibar, there is a bungalow with an underwater room that offers views of a variety of fish, corals and more. The stay costs “only” $ 1700 per night.

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