Foods that speed up metabolism

Having a fast metabolism is usually associated with weight loss, but it is associated with full health benefits such as reduced risk of diabetes or chronic inflammation. Whole foods affect the speed of metabolism, including age, work habits, and the food we eat.

It is already known that fiber rich in green foods is extremely good for metabolism, including other products that accelerate it, such as:

1) Truffle peppers

Hot peppers such as halepen temporarily speed up metabolism, which is due to the amount of heat the body generates and burns more calories in a process called diet-induced thermogenesis.

2) Chia seeds

Whole seeds contain ALA – alpha linoleic acid – which improves metabolism. ALA is an omega-3 fatty acid and part of its task is to destroy the build-up of arteries in the arteries, thereby lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

3) Oats

Foods that contain resistant starch – a type of carbohydrates that act as fibers – have been linked to accelerating metabolism.

4) Barely

Barley also contains resistant starch, and can be consumed in the form of tea, added to soups, salads or cooked as a meal instead of rice or cinema.

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