Everything You Need to Know about the Ecuadorian Crisis Before You Visit

Rafael Correa- In order to understand what is going on now, one must consider the dynamics behind Ecuadorian politics. From 2007-2017, Rafael Correa was the president of Ecuador. He was a self-professed democratic socialist who aligned himself with left-wing leaders such as Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Fidel Castro (Cuba), and Evo Morales (Bolivia). Despite being a mestizo […]

Destinations where summer never ends

No matter what the weather is like for us at any time of the year, somewhere in the world it is always sunny and warm.here are some places where always is summer. 1) Phuket, Thailand (2069 hours of sunlight per year) Although there are monsoons in Thailand, Phuket is a consistently sunny location with 2069 […]

The most luxurious travel experiences around the world

Some people enjoy camping in the summer, others hiking in the winter in the winter, others visiting Disneyland for family and the like, and some enjoy the luxurious trips and vacations no matter what the season. Here are some of the most luxurious travel experiences that those with deep pockets can afford: 1) North Pole […]