Abandoned locations around the world that can be visited by tourists

There is some weird spectacularity in abandoned places that are no longer influenced by human factors – from abandoned Russian buildings to various temples, here are a few such locations around the world:

1) Pyramiden

Pyramiden is an abandoned Russian base in the Norwegian Arctic on the island of Svalbard, which tourists can visit on various tours.

2) Central Train Station, Michigan

This Michigan train station, Detroit, has 18 floors high and is a testament to the times when train travel dominated.

3) Lake Rezia, Italy

The South Tyrol region of Italy is located close to the border with Austria, where a tower rises from Lake Rezia that is part of the remains of a submerged abandoned village.

4) The Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Under this name is the abandoned section of industrial railroad near Klevan, Ukraine, which is overgrown with trees and greenery in the spring and summer months. This creates a romantic tunnel where full couples are photographed.

5) Station Kanfrank, Spain

This abandoned train station is located near the French border and dates back to 1928 when it was one of the largest in Europe. The Nazis used it during the Second World War to smuggle gold, and spies traveled to join it in anti-Nazi resistance.

6) Balestrino, Italy

Ballestrino was abandoned in the 1950s after being hit by several earthquakes.

7) Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This complex of temples must be seen to be believed, and it takes several days to explore the whole.

8) Meknes Kara Prison, Morocco

This abandoned prison was built in the 18th century by Mullaj Ismail, considered one of the cruelest former rulers of the African nation. The inmates were imprisoned underground, meaning they were more or less thrown into holes, most of which never came out.

9) Car Cemetery Kirkomos, Sweden

This abandoned car garbage in southern Sweden is full of rusty cars that grow greener in the warmer months and are covered in moss – which contributes to the spectacular effect of abandonment.

10) Brockville Tunnel, Ontario, Canada

Completed in 1860, this railway tunnel is no longer in use and has become a park for visitors to walk around.

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